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When was North Shore Elementary Founded?

  • Established as Coffee Pot Elementary in 1927.  It later became was renamed North Shore Elementary and has been proudly serving students for nearly 90 years.

Where is the School Located?

  • North Shore Elementary is a historic red brick school located at the north end of Coffee Pot Bayou–200 35th Ave. NE St. Petersburg, FL 33704


Who is zoned for North Shore Elementary?

  • North Shore Elementary’s zone runs between 4th St. N. and the water from Central Ave. up to 54th Ave. N.

     (Area in which households are zoned to North Shore)

How many students currently attend North Shore Elementary (2015/2016 School Year)?

  • Enrollment: 335 students in grades K-5

What has been the school grade of North Shore Elementary in the past?

  • Rating history
    • 2005 A
    • 2006 A
    • 2007 B
    • 2008 A
    • 2009 A
    • 2010 C
    • 2011 C
    • 2012 C
    • 2013 D
    • 2014 D
    • 2015 B

Why did the grade drop significantly?

  • In 2010, the state of Florida ushered in a new testing policy which, along with the slow attrition of many zoned families to magnet, fundamental, and private schools, led to significant decreases in the published school grades.

What opportunities exist for students at North Shore Elementary?

  • North Shore Elementary is one of the only elementary schools with an elementary school band.  They offer chorus (during school) and band (after school) to all 4th and 5th graders.
  • Additionally they offer before and after school clubs that include the following:
    • Chess Club
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Club
    • Legos for Ladies
    • Walking Club
    • Foreign Language Club (In Progress starting 2016/2017)
  • ESE Programming exists for all identified students (Gifted students meet weekly).
  • Beginning in 2016 School Wide Enrichment Model (SEM) will be offered to all student K-5.  Students will get the opportunity to explore a topic of their choice once a week for 10 weeks culminating in a community project and presentation.
  • Recess is being implemented for all students on non-physical education days with the goal to have daily recess for all students every day.

Who is Principal Dawson?

  • Ms. Cooper Dawson came to North Shore Elementary as principal in 2013.  She has been a principal in the Pinellas County School system since 2005 and spent the prior 10 years in the classroom.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of South Florida, and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge.  She has created a caring a nurturing environment, motivating staff and students to work as a community alway in the pursuit of excellence.  She continues to make great strides in re-establishing North Shore Elementary as a dynamic, engaging, and successful school.

Why should my child attend North Shore Elementary?

  • North Shore Elementary is a hidden gem.  It is a small, thriving public school in your backyard.  Becoming a North Shore Elementary family is a positive way to participate in, and support our public schools, while at the same time providing your child with an excellent education.