What is Friends of North Shore Elementary?


North Shore Elementary

Friends of North Shore Elementary (FNSE) was formed through sidewalk conversations in September of 2015. Neighbors were noticing that we live in this amazing neighborhood with the promise of community, cohesion and support, yet on the same street we shuttle out to 5 different elementary schools. Why? Why aren’t we all sending our children to our zoned public elementary school?

We started asking questions about North Shore Elementary and set out to educate ourselves about the community, the teachers and the school we drove by every day, but had never stepped foot inside.

In December of 2015 we officially incorporated as a booster club for North Shore Elementary and have started taking action.  We are focusing our efforts in the following areas with specific, attainable goals towards our mission.

  • School Programming–Working cooperatively with faculty and administration to assess the current school day, curriculum, and after school programs, and develop ideas to further improve and enrich what is currently offered.
  • Teacher Support–Develop relationships with teachers, determine what they need and how we and volunteers can best meet their needs.
  • Infrastructure–Identify, prioritize and implement projects to help improve facilities, outside of the classroom, to be both functional and inspiring.
  • Volunteers–Recruit volunteers to support and serve students in various ways identified by the school faculty and administration.
  • Fundraising–Provide a strategic roadmap to increase financial support through direct donations, fundraising events, and grant writing for the various initiatives identified by school leadership and FNSE.
  • Community Outreach–Build relationships with local businesses, leaders, elected officials, and neighborhood individuals to enrich the experience of students attending North Shore Elementary.

Mission. The mission of Friends of North Shore Elementary is to partner with the school, families, and faculty to identify needs and provide sustainable resources to ensure it is a dynamic, engaging and successful public school that proudly serves families in the Northeast region of St. Petersburg.

Vision.  For North Shore Elementary School to be a valued community asset of the Northeast region of St. Petersburg, a key factor in attracting families and businesses to our region, and a point of pride and involvement for our neighborhood’s citizens regardless of whether they have children attending the school.

Goal. For North Shore Elementary to be the first choice for all families who live within the zoned district.